About Us

Avantek is a technology business that is passionate about personalised interaction. Why? Because people resonate with something that is ‘all about them’.

Our primary mission is to provide large groups of individuals (members, employees & customers) with highly personalized and relevant communication that results in a high level of engagement. The communication is relevant to the individual through customization around their specific requirements (age, gender, salary level, benefit entitlements etc).

We work on the premise that personalisation results in better levels of engagement.

We license our IP and software to banks, super providers, dealer groups and other financial institutions. Ultimately, we want to help our clients to enhance financial literacy across their client base through increased understanding and action. This aligns with our vision: “to improve the financial literacy of everyday Australians.”

We bring the following to a partnership with a client:

  • An innovative technology platform that transforms raw data/information into personalised and relevant communication (content, layout, imagery) on a mass scale.
  • We fully customise (‘white label’) all reports and associated websites for our clients.
  • Our company, Avantek , understands financial services and the challenges around customer engagement.
  • We are passionate about enhancing member engagement.

The outcome of our efforts (and the offering) is a ‘personalised report’ for each individual. These reports can be either in print or online format. Reports can be mass generated (with pre-loaded data) or generated around inputs from an individual. They can be supported by a customised and interactive website.

Key product solutions are:

  • Wealth Projector helps to improve today’s engagement levels by projecting an individual’s future state. A personalised Wealth Report is created through an individual engaging with an interactive portal and entering data using a fun and simple ‘drag & drop’ concept.
  • A sophisticated ‘super statement’ which is far more engaging and user-friendly than a traditional statement, and can vary between 8 and 16 pages, depending on the demographics of the particular member. The super statement contains individual projections, comparisons, key messaging and can be delivered as an online or hard-copy option.
  • An extension to the ‘super statement’, this is a glossy report that is distributed to all employees within a company outlining the full range of benefits available to them (including remuneration, reward structures, general employee benefits and super). As the report is highly personalised, there is a higher level of engagement from employees when it comes to recognising and valuing these benefits.
  • My Insurance Report is a personalised insurance report that is employer (or provider) branded and provides a user friendly yet comprehensive summary of what cover the employee has under the policy, any restrictions on their cover and other important policy conditions such as how to claim, when they can claim and how long they are covered for. It narrows the group policy to the individual’s level (based on demographics).

All reports are tailored/customised at various levels – the provider, the employer and the individual.

We would be happy to show you how our services can benefit you, and we welcome you to contact us anytime.