Employee Benefits Report

The Employee Benefits Report (EBR) is an all-encompassing report that can combine the employers (or providers) general benefits with the individual’s superannuation arrangements to provide a complete picture. This report is appealing for the larger employers to consolidate all their benefits into the one report (including super and insurances) and promote them in a personalised manner. This is a powerful medium that both strengthens the relationship between the institution (super provider) and their employer clients as well as enhancing individual engagement.

The EBR is designed in two sections, the first promoting employee benefits and the second providing a snapshot and scenarios around the individual's superannuation arrangements. It provides every employee of a company with a unique personalised report that contains information and education around:

1. The employers (or providers) benefit program
3. The individual’s own insurance benefits
2. The individual’s own superannuation account

The Employee Benefits Report is produced for every member of an employer super fund (100% member touch), demonstrating an advantage over the traditional reporting and education model. It can be delivered online or as a hard copy report (or extract).

The report is the pre-curser to advice or further engagement and is designed to empower the member. It has been proven to increase the level of engagement overcoming the apathy that exists around super, and the very low take-up of online services in this arena.

This report answers a number of questions for the member, including:

These reports contain graphs and tables that enable the member to understand the content and make an informed decision to tailor their own superannuation account.

The member receives a unique login and password in their report, enabling them to access a personalised website (Member Central) and seek further advices and guidance (linked to the provider calls to action). Member Central offers the individual an updated report each month so they can monitor progress.

Benefits for the provider include:

Simply, the reports are generated based on the standard member data that a super provider holds. We translate raw data into meaningful messages and deliver as a user-friendly report.

Please contact us to discuss the benefits for your organisation.