My Insurance Report

Group insurance is a valuable employee benefit that many organisations offer as a means of protecting their employees in the event of illness or injury. It is also an important benefit that employers can use to attract and retain employees and a potential benefit differentiator.

Unfortunately our experience has been that many employees who receive this benefit from their employer DO NOT understand how their insurance works, or in some cases that they even have insurance, what to do in the event of a claim and what the cost is to an organisation in providing this type of benefit.

My Insurance Report is a personalised report that is employer (or provider) branded and provides a user friendly yet comprehensive summary of what cover the employee has under the policy, any restrictions on their cover and other important policy conditions such as how to claim, when can they claim and how long they are covered for.

Messages throughout the report are based on the demographics of the member (gender, age, location etc). My Insurance Report individualises group insurance.