Engaging superannuation members has always presented challenges. Issuing annual (or bi-annual) statements is an opportunity to meet the regulatory obligations AND enhance member engagement.

The ‘Super Snapshot’ can be between 2-8 pages and is individually rendered from a blank sheet of paper. This means that the actual format and design of each snapshot is based around the demographics and related outcomes of the individual member. There is no set template.

We can mass-generate around 500,000 of these personalised documents per day and present them in a print-ready PDF batch for distribution. The advantages of a dynamic statement like this means that ongoing changes can be made to the design and messaging.

The benefits of the ‘Super Snapshot’ include:

At an individual level (imagery, colours, content, messaging)

Presents content based on the situation of the individual (life stage, account balance, salary levels etc)

Graphs, colour and imagery subtly assist the engagement process.

The super snapshot can include projections, comparisons and scenarios to demonstrate what the individual can/should aspire to.

Outlining where they are now, where they could be and how they can get there is the entrée to any engagement.

Targeted messages can be included, based on a persons’ demographics. This helps a provider/institution with a targeted cross-sell strategy across the membership base.

The super snapshot is 100% customised, and we work with our clients to create the document. We incorporate all branding guidelines, existing educational concepts and tone.

Helping you to deliver a more personalised and engaging superannuation statement.

Please contact us to discuss the benefits for your organisation.