• Wealth Projector is designed to be customised for financial institutions and financial planning firms. It is a tool to help your customers, members and prospects to forecast their future and therefore make informed decisions today.


    The Wealth Projector is an interactive portal that encourages individuals to enter data using a fun and simple ‘drag & drop’ concept (almost like a game board). The outcome is a personalised Wealth Report. This report presents an individual with future projections and scenarios based on their current situation.

    The more information added through dragging icons into the portal, the richer the report becomes. This is facilitated through sophisticated modelling and external data feeds (ABS statistics, property growth rates, industry benchmarks etc). As an individual drags an icon into their portal it will prompt and ask more detail, to remove some of the guesswork.

    The benefit to an individual is that they can project into the future and see what it looks like. From here, they can change the inputs and derive alternate scenarios.
    The report will outline important family milestones, super adequacy, future cash-flow, and general lifestyle affordability over the short, medium and long term. One off events such as a holiday or inheritance are able to be incorporated into the model to ensure the picture is wholesome for the individual.

    We are currently licensing the application to institutions and financial planning groups. The Wealth Projector has patented technology and is the first of its kind in the global marketplace.

There are some key reasons why the Wealth Projector was created:

The Wealth Projector provides valuable benefits to both the institution (provider) and the individual.

Benefits to the individual

Benefits to the institution:

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