Why Avantek?

The top 10 reasons to choose Avantek:

    High Touch Service
  • We ensure 100% employee/member touch. This means that every individual receives a report that is personalised for them and takes into account their different situations.
    Track record
  • The platform that we use to generate the personalised reports (and provide the personalised website) has done exactly this for over 1,500,000 individuals over the last 18 months. It works!
    Social proof
  • Thousands of individuals have provided testimonials.
  • The report templates (and accompanying website) are 100% customised. This includes logos, colours, images, key messages, tones etc.
    Cost effectiveness
  • We charge a ‘template setup fee’ (at cost) and then a flexible license fee that works for your business. A pilot can be considered before committing to a licence fee.
  • We consult with our clients to develop a tailored solution both initially and ongoing. This keeps us accountable and provides a useful measurement basis of value for the client.
  • Personalised communication is a core business focus.
  • We will be open and honest in all our dealings with you. If you don't believe you are getting value, then you can terminate our services.
  • We are creative, adaptive and always looking to make a valuable difference to our clients. You will find us very personable to deal with.
  • We are always applying learnings and working with our clients to develop new and unique offerings.